Getting the source code

The source code is maintained on GitHub. To check out the trunk:

$ git clone

You can also browse the code online at

Bug tracker

For bug reports, suggestions or questions please use the GitHub issue tracker at

Building the documentation using zc.buildout

dataflake.docbuilder ships with its own buildout.cfg file and for setting up a development buildout:

$ python
Generated script '.../bin/buildout'
$ bin/buildout
Generated script '...bin/docbuilder'.
Generated script '...bin/docbuilderdocs'.

The dataflake.docbuilder buildout installs the Sphinx scripts required to build the documentation, including testing its code snippets:

$ cd docs
$ PATH=../bin:$PATH make html
sphinx-build -b html -d _build/doctrees   . _build/html
build succeeded.

Build finished. The HTML pages are in _build/html.

Making a release

These instructions assume that you have a development sandbox set up using zc.buildout as the scripts used here are generated by the buildout.

$ bin/buildout -o
$ python sdist bdist_wheel upload --sign

The bin/buildout step will make sure the correct package information is used.